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It’s a dog’s life and it’s a good one!

The life of a farm dog is, generally speaking, a very happy one, especially in Devon where the fantastic variety of countryside provides a wonderful environment for dogs to explore. Our dogs are no exception. They know every inch of

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Why not visit the House of Marbles and Teign Valley Glass?

House of Marbles are makers and purveyors of a world famous range of glass marbles, board games, classic toys, puzzles, pastimes & decorative accessories for the home and garden.  Based on an historic site of pottery making, it is a

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If you’ve ever fancied building your own log cabin, look no further!

Log cabins have been a popular form of home building for hundreds of years now, and their popularity is just as strong today as ever before. Log cabin homes are not nearly as sophisticated as many modern home building styles,

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