Some delicious recipes for you to try…

Devon Farm RecipesThe Devon Farms community have been chatting recently, about the sort of things that we do best and how we might be able to use that to benefit you, our visitor even more. We’ve all agreed that providing holiday accommodation in some of the most spectacular places throughout our beautiful county is a given. So, we started to chat about our other strengths and decided amongst other things that we could also provide some wonderful recipes for you to try, either whilst staying with us or when you return home and are back in your own kitchen.

So, over the forthcoming months you can look forward to receiving some mouth-watering dishes from recipes that have been handed down through generations of Devonian families and now shared with you. We truly hope you enjoy these and would love to hear not only your feedback on these wonderful recipes, but maybe you’d enjoy sending your family favourites for some of our members to try themselves. You never know, we could get a Devon Farms Cookery Book together… now there’s an idea.

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