RHS Rosemoor comes up trumps with a Tramper!

A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a day out at RHS Rosemoor Gardens near Torrington with my mum, daughter, Kirsty, and her great friend, Mamoona.   Mum, aged eighty-four and a half, is off on another adventure very soon, travelling to several destinations including Sri Lanka, India and Singapore.  Not surprisingly, all her grandchildren have offered to carry her bag for her on her travels as they are so impressed with her itinerary!  The orchid gardens of Singapore are reputed to be very special and she would love to have a good look around them.

Sadly, her legs get tired more quickly than they used to and she was not sure if she would be able to get all the way around so we decided she should try out one of the Tramper mobility scooters at Rosemoor gardens in preparation.  It was great fun and a huge success as we visited the whole garden – the wonderful cob-built wedding venue, Lady Anne’s garden, the arboretum and the walled vegetable garden which, all looked beautiful with the autumn leaf colour.  Apart from one short shower the afternoon was dry, clear and crisp and we were able to go so much further than we would otherwise have done if mum had been walking.

tramper-mobility-scooterNot only has it given mum the confidence for Singapore, but it has also opened up lots of possibilities locally, as we know there are Trampers at Woolacombe, Saunton, Heddon Valley and Wimbleball Reservoir and we intend to find out where else they can be hired.  So now she can access the countryside once more and we shall all enjoy some great family walks together over the months ahead.  Caroline and I will do some research and compile a list of accessible places with Trampers to hire so that it’s in the office ready for any of our cottage guests who might find it useful.



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