The 8 things you always forget to take on holiday

There are a number of things that we need to take on holiday with us but for some reason we always seem to forget. So, we here at Devon Farms have decided to collate a list of items that our guests mention to us on a very regular basis…

Underwater cameras cost less than £101. An underwater camera

These tend to be something we wished we all had whenever an opportunity to be in the water comes along. For example, simple pool pictures for those lazy summer holiday afternoons just bobbing around in the pool or just something to dip into a rock pool to discover the underwater life. You can get these online very easily and for less than £10 too. It might be worth popping one in the beach bag and to surprise the kids with when you’re settled down for that lunchtime snack on the beach. Sand sandwich anyone?

When you REALLY need to open a bottle of wine2. Corkscrew

Well, you never know when you might need to open a bottle of wine in an emergency holiday situation. Most holiday cottages have one of these tucked away but the amount of times our camping guests ask to borrow one of these, simply meant it had to make our list.

3. Duct tape

Wouldn’t it be handy if you had a little bit of tape to put over the holes when something breaks. A handbag could fall to pieces or a windbreak might develop a tear on a brisk Devon beach day but you wouldn’t have to go hunting for a new one or pay a high price if you have something just to hold it together until you get home. Of course, we don’t endorse the use of duct tape on human beings… although the thought crossed our minds too!

Something to keep the boys (including hubby) occupied4. A Football

There are many times when you’re outside and there’s not enough to do; having a football is an excellent idea because it’s a great way to keep fit when you can and there are many games to play if you get bored, not just football boys! As much as it might annoy some, footballs make excellent basket balls, net balls and you can always practice your keepy-uppies too.

5. First aid kit

Let’s be sensible for a second here; It is so important to carry plasters, bandages and antiseptic too. You may also need to take insect repellent, anti-histamines and anti-diarrhoea pills and all sorts of others things too. All of this can be housed in a simple bought-off-the-shelf kit which lives in the car or in a day bag.

For those all important restful nights.6 & 7. Eye mask and ear plugs

It’s important to have enough sleep, especially on holiday. Now, you might be used to taking these on an overseas trips but they can be just as important for a trip to Devon too. We all have our bedrooms set up almost exactly as we like them and this allows us to get the rest we need. Being in a strange bed with unusual noises can also affect your sleep pattern too, so remember to pack these items to ensure you get the rest on your holiday that you need.

For those late-night trips home8. A torch

These are incredibly important for all manner of reasons. If you’re looking to camping and for whatever reason you’re delayed in your travels, you won’t have to do things in the dark without being able to see if you put the tent up right. Don’t just get any old torch though, maybe think about getting a wind up one because they cost about the same and you don’t have to spend an indefinite amount on new batteries all the time. Hopefully our handy list will help you prepare properly for your next holiday. If you have any more suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Why not leave us a comment on one of our social media channels. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + too, thank you.

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