What should I eat when I come to Devon?

Eating in Devon

Devon is not only blessed with some fantastic countryside, stunning views and lovely people, it is also a wonderful place to find something delicious to eat.

Gidleigh ParkProbably at the very top of the list is the two-Michelin starred Gidleigh Park  just outside of Chagford on Dartmoor. Run by Michael Caines MBE, it has won numerous awards and is regarded locally as ‘THE’ place to go for that special meal.

The pasty is as popular in Devon as it is in Cornwall. If we were to suggest where to buy a pasty from, I think we might have to create an incredibly long list. So, our advice is to try a few; after all, you are on holiday.

Back in 2008, Devon was awarded Fairtrade County status and it has been successful in renewing that status every year since. There are numerous food markets around the county which hold seasonal events as well as weekly events too. Tavistock & Okehampton are well known for holding these fairs but Exeter city centre is also a regular venue for various different types of street markets and seasonal food.

Cream Teas

A Devonshire Cream TeaOf course, if you’re in Devon, you have to try a Cream Tea. The debate has been long and hard about which is the correct way to dress a scone to qualify it for ‘Devon Cream Tea’ status. One thing is for sure, it has to be clotted cream. The debate arises when we place the cream on the scone; is it before or after the jam. According to lengthy research by this writer, in Devon, we add the cream first and then apply the strawberry jam after. No matter which order it goes on, just make sure it goes on thick.

Of course, if you’re eating you’ll need something to drink with it. The West Country is renowned for its cider and we suggest you ‘sup’ some… responsibly of course. If it has pips and some apple core in it though, beware; that normally indicates that it could be on the strong side.

Whether you’re looking for a gastronomical experience to tickle your taste buds or the delight that is simply fish and chips by the sea, Devon has it all. Why not pay us a visit soon.

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