Come along to the Hatherleigh Carnival!

april-2016-393This carnival is a very big, annual event in the Hatherleigh/Okehampton area.  It is a long established tradition that the leading frame is 12 torches, representing the 12 months of the year.   In the afternoon is a very well supported childrens’ Fancy Dress Competition and the people of Hatherleigh have great skill in creating wonderful crepe paper tableaux born out of years of practice.   Aptly, in the year we are celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Hatherleigh has its own Queen Elizabeth – local resident 16 year old Elizabeth Hutton.  The Prince & Princess this year are brother and sister, Guy, aged 4 and 7 year old Heidi Flowers.    april-2016-395
For full details see  or find it on Facebook. 
Stay self catering nearby at, only 1 mile from Okehampton and a straight 7 mile run into Hatherleigh town. 
Enjoy Hatherleigh Carnival!
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