Devon Farms Blog takes flight at Fursdon

On a gloriously sunny June day overlooking the lush green heart of Devon countryside, the Devon Farms Committee gathered to learn how to blog and this is the result……

One of our Self-Catering members has mastered the gentle art of blogging, and was able to impart some of her knowledge to a select few, not because we were in any was special, but because we were the ones who were able to turn up on the day!  We learnt about the sort of things we can blog about and the sort of things that it’s best not to, a bit like the conversation topics at a dinner party!  We should use keywords, and repeat a major one throughout, but it should not appear forced and definitely we should not over-optimise.  A blog has to be exclusive: one cannot use the same one in two different places, although it would be acceptable to cover the same topic, but written quite differently.

We hope that a regular blog will help draw people to our very attractive and informative web-site, enabling them to choose a holiday on one of our lovely Devon farms, as guests in our Bed & Breakfast or Self-Catering accommodation.


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