So much choice to keep the children entertained at Crealy!

Devon’s Crealy Great Adventure Park is an award winning family attraction located just minutes from junction 30 of the M5 near Exeter. The Park has over 60 rides and attractions set in over 100 acres of glorious Devon countryside and caters for the whole family, from the smallest children to parents and grandparents alike. There are over 100 animals, 30 outdoor attractions and a variety of other activities to choose from, with heart-stopping rides for thrill seekers to soft-play and animal petting for younger guests, Devon’s Crealy is the South West’s number one family day out.

Crealy meerkatsMeerkat Manor is home to the cheeky Meerkat family and is undoubtedly one of the most popular animal residents. Highly active and sociable, you’ll often see them nipping down holes, digging new tunnels or standing on their hind legs surveying their terrain. A breeding pair first arrived at the Adventure Park in 2011 and have successfully bred. Meerkat Manor is next to the Vortex theme park ride and just inside the Adventure Park’s entrance. Make sure you stop by and say hello on your day out.  Alternatively you could take your little monkey to meet the ones at Crealy! Extremely small in size, the Marmoset Monkeys are always active and busy. Located in the Animal Kingdom, watch them leap from branch to branch, groom each other or peel a grape (their favourite food).  In their jungle themed enclosure, these are the smallest animal friends to live at the tourist attraction.  You can also meet some wallabies, hand feed goats and groom ponies too.  Take your little ones up close and personal to groom the miniature shetland and spotted ponies. Once your little ones have groomed a pony they will be awarded a grooming sticker.

Crealy atlantis
At the Lost World of Atlantis there are 4 amazing ocean themed rides, an indoor play area, and an eating area! Atlantis is the perfect choice whatever the weather! Ride on the back of a shark on the Park’s second Rollercoaster – Shark Bay! Swim with the dolphins on Dolphin Drop, dance with the King on Neptune’s Sea Cups and enjoy the view from a Super Submarine! Don’t forget to explore the coast of the shore with the Blue Lagoon! This indoor play area is perfect for tots throughout the year and it’s open 361 days!

Junior Quad Bikes – Ready, Set, Go…whoosh!  You are going to have the best day out in Devon when you stop by the Junior Grand Prix and get behind the wheel for the very first time. The electric cars on the Junior Grand Prix circuit cost only £1 per go and are next to the electric Kart track for older children.

Or if you prefer there’s the Dino Dig – Intrepid Explorers, step into the land that time forgot – Dino Island! Not only is this the coast to explore the Jurassic Jungle, but Dino Dig features the remains of our Devon Dinosaur friends! Brush off the sand and discover the bones, teeth and claws of a Stegosaurus, a Pterodactyl and if you dig deep enough you may even find… a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Fossil fun for the whole family!!

Crealy slidesIn the Adventure Zone at Crealy discover an empire of indoor play for a day out. Now, what will you take on first? The bumpy slide, twisty slides or bite the bullet and brave one of the three mega drop slides? How about the lofty heights of the aerial walkways or the climbing nets and rope swings?  The Adventure Zone is for everyone; boys, girls and grown-ups too!  If you need a breather you can take a seat in the Adventurers Food Court and watch the kids enjoy their day out or chill out in The Sandcastle Family Beach Bar.  The Adventure Zone is part of Crealy’s 75,000sq feet of indoor play, making it the No 1 all-weather tourist attraction in Devon.

There are also live shows:

Shake, Giggle & Wiggle  – 11.00am – Piazza Stage

Let the Crealy Show Crew help you start your amazing day the really, Crealy perfect way with a loud wake up & shake up. Fast paced family interactive show, featuring music, mayhem, dance and madness.

Pirates of Old Crealy Town – 12.30pm – Pirate Stage

Captain Crealy, Mid-shipman Grumfuttock & Master-Gunner Tanglefoot get ready to explore the seven seas with the help of the gang at Crealy. Can they load the ship in time before it sails? Just how much brandy & rum should be on board?

Crealy Amazing – 2.30pm – Piazza Stage

Your chance to be the star of the show. Are you the fastest? The tallest? The quickest? The very best here today at Crealy? Are you the next record breaker?

The vast majority of the rides and attractions at Crealy are designed to be fully accessible to disabled guests and they therefore do not offer any additional discounted rates. However, disabled guests with registered carers are entitled to one free carer’s park ticket.  This free ticket is only available from the main ticket office at the entrance to the park and proof of carer status may be required. All tickets purchased online 24 hours in advance are subject to a discount of up to 20%.  Guests who are fully wheelchair dependent qualify for free entrance to the park and one free ticket for their designated carer.

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