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Devon’s Best Outdoor Swimming Locations

Swimming isn’t just about exercise, in Devon it can be about adventure too. With some of the most beautiful outdoor swimming spots in the UK and something for all abilities we have collated a list of our favourite outdoor swimming locations, so grab your swimsuit and your googles and dive in!

Devon’s Best Outdoor Swimming Locations
Devon’s Best Outdoor Swimming Locations
Devon’s Best Outdoor Swimming Locations

- Chagford Swimming Pool
Chagford Swimming Pool is a magical 1930’s lido located on the banks of the River Teign, half a mile outside of Chagford on the Two Moors Way. The soft river water that fills the pool is UV treated with minimal chlorine, and the solar covers maintain the water at a warm 27 degrees, also heating the showers and providing power to the Tea Shed.

- Wild Swimming Sharrah Pool, Dartmoor
Follow the winding river Dart far enough and you’ll come to a deep, glassy pool of crystalline water. Sharrah Pool is an otherworldly spot, flanked by woodland – it looks like a place where water babies and Dartmoor pixies might congregate for a swim. You’ll know you’ve found it when you come across a clearing in the trees and a wider, still part of the river where the water is so clear you can peer down at the bottom.

- Wild Swimming at Spitchwick
What you will find here is a little idyll comprised of a green common, the River Dart idling by carving out little private nooks and crannies to lounge on, or widening to create larger, wild swimming opportunities, and it sits right in the heart of Dartmoor.

- Westward Ho! Rock Seawater Pool
The open water sea pool is a concrete swimming pool and set in a brilliant position within the rock pools near Nassau Court, Westward Ho! This salt water pool was originally built in the Victorian era, with people travelling miles to take a bathe, it was reported to have many health benefits.

- Tinside Lido, Plymouth
Fun in the sun and overlooking Plymouth’s spectacular sea front, Tinside Lido was built in 1935 and is archetypal of the then popular Art Deco style. The beautiful salt water swimming pool is open during the summer months, and is perfect for everyone and is fully accessible to people of all needs. The Lido also boasts a sun terrace and cafe on which to relax and soak up the rays.

- Cullever’s Steps
Set within a natural amphitheatre, you will find a natural plunge pool here, with beautiful views, and large grassy areas for picnics and games. The pool has a granite stone dam that creates the 15m pool.

- Crazy Well Pool
The large pool is situated about 3km south of Princetown, just off the path between Burrator and Whiteworks on the western side of Dartmoor. It is 100m long and covers a surface area of 3,500 square metres. There are several legends surrounding the pool to discover….